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ALPACA POLO MIX Kartopu yarn review (and other)

I will start with a disclaimer that will serve as the standard disclaimer for all posts in this category.

A disclaimer: The list of Yes’es and No’s are subjective and only an opinion. Every knitter’s experience is different, obtained results can be different. This is to serve just as an aid and describes my experience with the yarn.

And with that, it’s straight to business.




  • despite the wool content it does not bite much, I have a very sensitive skin, hence I could not use it for garment but I felt comfortable working with it;
  • quite forgiving in terms of knitting tension, allows for small mistakes which are then not very visible, the stitches look very even;
  • the eyelets look great;
  • the cables are nicely visible, maybe not as defined as I like (I love it when they pop out and are immediately visible);
  • the color is nicely distributed;
  • the mix of acrylic and wool fibers makes for a nice, not too tight, not too stretchy yarn;
  • despite it being a wool yarn and having a bit of hair, it unraveled nicely.


  • as I have mentioned in the Yes section, it was comfortable to work with the yarn but I probably wouldn’t be able to wear anything I knitted from it, I don’t think I would recommend it to people with sensitive skin;
  • the cables are not as visible as I would want them to be, hence this is both in the Yes and the No section, if cables were to be a small element of the whole knitwear, then it would not be a problem, if it were to be a, e.g. sweater with cables allover, then this yarn would not work.

Knitting with this yarn was a pleasant experience, it is warm and light, it makes the knitwear grow really fast on the needles. It is also inexpensive and requires few skeins to make a sweater (9 skeins for 42-size sweater) – hence it is good for sweater-making beginners. It will be easy on the wallet and will allow making a warm and pretty sweater very fast.

Yarn details:
manufacturer: Kartopu
composition: 60% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 20% Alpaca
skein: 100g/3.5Oz – 120m/131yds
gauge: 16 sts x 19 rows = 10cm/4″
recommended needles: 6mm/UK 4/US 10 & 7mm/UK 2/US –

Color used for the sample: D2091

Our Tribe Scheepjes



  • beautiful colors;
  • delicate transitions;
  • very soft to the skin.


  • oh boy, I was really happy until I have decided to unravel the sample, it was a nightmare due to the amount of hair the yarn has, frogging wasn’t so bad, but a lifeline is here practically out of question;
  • it almost swallowed the cables whole;
  • very unforgiving in terms of tension, every uneven stitch is visible, even in Garter st.;
  • it’s really stretchy, if used for garments, it is absolutely crucial to check gauge after blocking.

This is a very lovely yarn with very interesting colors and smooth transitions. It is, however, also a demanding, unforgiving yarn, which is also difficult to recycle. I could imagine making a pair of lovely socks out of it, though.

Yarn details:
Our Tribe
manufacturer: Scheepjes
composition: 70% Merino Superwash, 30% Polyamide
skein: 100g/3.5Oz – 420m/459yds
gauge: 28 sts x 40 rows = 10cm/4″
recommended needles: 2.5mm/UK 13/US 1 & 3mm/UK 11/US –

Color used for the sample: 967




  • I am in love with this yarn;
  • during knitting 4 sts slipped from the needle, I only noticed when I was purling the next row, not only did they not unravel, they didn’t even change their shape;
  • it is a lovely, interesting and unique yarn.


  • my standard complaint – where are my cables (here however, it is a very weak complaint, because they are there and it shows);
  • it takes 14 balls of yarn to make one sweater (size 42).

This is a magnificent yarn and knitting the sample made me think about a scarf pattern using it. So, stay tuned 😉

Yarn details:
manufacturer: Phildar
composition: 100% cotton
skein: 100g/3.5Oz – 420m/459yds
gauge: 16 sts x 22 rows = 10cm/4″
recommended needles: 5.5mm/UK 5/US 9

Color used for the sample: Pensee

Catania Color Schachenmyar



  • this will be a short list, because I only love the color and not much else.


  • it completely butchered the cables;
  • the eyelets look weird, a while ago, I’d blame it on lack of skill but now, I blame the yarn.
  • it is unforgiving in the terms of knitting tension;
  • despite the colors being nice, I don’t love the way they transition;
  • it is very stiff, more like a twine than yarn;
  • the skeins are really small, I don’t know if one would be enough to make one sock.

This cotton yarn disappointed me a little bit. The skein is cute, colorful, and small. When I picked it out, I expected it to be a joy to work with. But all the way through I felt like knitting with a twine and I was absolutely not in love with the results.

Yarn details:
Catania Color
manufacturer: Schachenmayr
composition: 100% cotton
skein: 50g/1.76Oz – 79m/86yds
gauge: 26 sts x 36 rows = 10cm/4″
recommended needles: 2.5mm/UK 13/US 1 & 3mm/UK 11/US –

Color used for the sample: 0056


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