Yarn review

Kartopu Home Decor yarn review

This yarn drew me in with how good the colors look, with how soft it is, and simply with being bulky. I love bulky yarn.




  • wonderful colors;
  • very fast results as it is so bulky
  • the stitches look very nice, even though I was not paying attention to my tension,
  • the fabric is very nice to the touch (my sensitive skin really appreciates that),
  • the yarn is beautifully flexible and feels really durable,
  • ripping it is a simple and smooth process.


  • it does have – I don’t want to say limited – so I’ll say specific use, I love knitting and designing shawls, so for me – and this is very very objective – this is a minus;
  • it is a little demanding on the hands, lace yarn and super bulky yarn do have that in common.

This yarn has quickly climbed very high on my favorites list. Though, because my cats are a destructive force towards all things knitted, I will gift the home decor items made of it to my friends.

Yarn details:
Home Decor
manufacturer: Kartopu
composition: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyamide
skein: 200g/7.05Oz – 120m/131yds
gauge: 7 sts x 10 rows = 10cm/4″
recommended needles: 12mm/UK -/US 17 to 15mm/UK -/US –

Color used for the sample: K1921


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