Once I picked up needles and yarn, my head flooded with ideas for patterns. First, it were simple stitch patterns. I printed out lots of graph paper and began drawing on it. Then the patterns became progressively more elaborate. Some of the stitch patterns will be published on the blog in the future.

In time, I wanted more. I had little patience back then, I wanted something that can be knitted fast, and scarves were the perfect answer. But my appetite grew.

I began taking Craftsy classes, surfing the web for tutorials, inspirations, stitch patterns.
I grew my collection of books on various techniques and of stitch dictionaries.

Once I felt I was ready, I moved onto shawls. And fell in love with lace shawls. This is the stage, I am at now. Still in awe of the intricate beauty of lace and all the possibilities it offers.

And as many designers, I want to share my designs with other knitters, see them made in different yarns and ways. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing that other people like your idea enough to dedicate their time and resources to make it come into life.

Hence, I will dedicate this page to sharing some of my free patterns and posting links to my paid patterns once they’re up for sale. I hope that they will bring you joy. You can find me on Ravelry (I don’t have any patterns published yet but that may change soon). And you can find me on Instagram. If you use my pattern and want to let me know, give me a shout here or on my social media.

All patterns can be used to make items for both personal use and for sale.