Yarn dyeing

Steam dyeing yarn – Experiment #1

Attention: This post is image-heavy. I have always been intrigued with hand-dyeing yarn. Mixing colors, creating a unique skein, colored to my own liking. However, I was reluctant to try, imagining how much work it is, and how time-consuming it is. But I could stay away from that forever. First, I have done some research… Continue reading Steam dyeing yarn – Experiment #1

Yarn review

ALPACA POLO MIX Kartopu yarn review (and other)

I will start with a disclaimer that will serve as the standard disclaimer for all posts in this category. A disclaimer: The list of Yes’es and No’s are subjective and only an opinion. Every knitter’s experience is different, obtained results can be different. This is to serve just as an aid and describes my experience with… Continue reading ALPACA POLO MIX Kartopu yarn review (and other)