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Stitch pattern #1

I don't know if I should say this but I rarely use stitch dictionaries. I own them and I sometimes flip through them when looking for inspiration. But I don't really use them. When I want to use a stitch pattern, I take a pencil and an A4 notepad and I draw what's in my… Continue reading Stitch pattern #1

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PHIL CAGE Phildar yarn review

I am a yarn-obsessed individual. A ball of yarn is a start, a promise of something more. It is a tool in the design-process. It is a possibility in knitting to make a pattern a little bit your own. You can substitute type, color or weight of yarn and create something different every time. Not… Continue reading PHIL CAGE Phildar yarn review

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Skylight – a simple, modular scarf

Skylight This lace scarf is modular and the length depends on how many repeats you make. The scarf in the picture has been knitted with two repeats. The shawl is worked on 24 stitches.  CABOTINE Phildar - (1.76oz/50g, 136y/124m), 55% Cotton, 45% Acrylic - DK - Azur I have used up 1 skein, the amount of used yarn depends… Continue reading Skylight – a simple, modular scarf

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The Power of Knitting

I have re-discovered knitting at a fairly low point in my life. I have read all about the anti-anxiety influence of it but it wasn't until I didn't pick up the needles and cast-on my first scarf that I truly understood the power of knitting. The soothing repetitive motion, the knowledge that I am converting… Continue reading The Power of Knitting